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Arrows & Accessories

Note: The bow models for youth are not toys, but a lethal piece of archery equipment that will propel an arrow capable of doing potential damage and should be used only with adult supervision. For those that will be new to archery, the archery experience can turn into a lifetime of fun and recreation.

Quality & Durability...
Shooting Gloves
Misc. Items

Black Rhino specializes in arrows, quivers, shooting gloves, targets and armguards for kids, youth, teenagers, ladies, beginners and those adults desiring a bow with a light draw weight for hunting or target practice.

All of our accessories are selected and tested for quality and durability.

Youth Arrows
Our wood arrows are matched to the Black Rhino bows. If choosing an M-35, M-42, M-48, or M-54 up to a 24 inch draw, the 1/4 inch diameter would be a good selection. Specify the bow model in the special instructions bow, when ordering arrows.  These arrows are pre cut to 24 inches, and have three inch feathers. They come with a steel field tip installed.

"Standard 1/4 inch" diameter arrows
These arrows are made using Ramin wood shafting. All 1/4 inch arrows have 60 grain steel field points and a premium finish for esthetics and weather resistance. Made In USA!

$3.50 each
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$19.95 for six
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Note: If choosing any model M-54 over a 24 inch draw, or an M-58, 29# or 35#, our Standard 5/16 diameter arrow pre cut to 28 inches with field tips installed would be the perfect choice. These arrows are fletched with three inch feathers.

"Deluxe 5/16 inch" diameter arrows
These arrows are made from cedar shafting, stained and crested, with a premium finish. These arrows are an outstanding value. The deluxe 5/16" arrow is for bows 35#@28", up to 45#@28".  Made In USA!

$5.75 each
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$32.95 for six
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"Standard 5/16 inch" diameter cedar target arrows

These are good quality natural cedar target arrows with glued-on tapered steel field points, 3" turkey feathers, clear finish, and black cresting. They are 28" long and will work for bows up to 35 pounds at 28" draw. Best for M-54, M-58, 29#, M-58, 35#. Can be used with M-48, but will be longer than needed. Made In USA!

$3.75 each
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$20.95 for six
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Two 5/16" arrows shown on the left, 
two 1/4" arrows shown on the right

Flu-flu arrows are designed for aerial shooting, but work great when roving or stump shooting. Made In USA!

"Deluxe 1/4 inch Flu-Flu"
$4.25 each
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$24.00 for six
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"Deluxe 5/16 inch Flu-Flu" diameter arrows

$6.50 each
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$35.00 for six
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1/4 inch arrow repair kit
While our 1/4 inch shafts are practically indestructible, occasionally the archer will break a nock or lose a field point. We offer these hard to find items in kit form as a convenience to our customers. This kit contains six ,60 grain tapered field tips and six white classic nock call for 5/`16" kits  Made In USA!$2.00 | Enlarge | Order Now!

Ace Standard Broadhead
For those hunting with a Black Rhino bow, we recommend that you use a heavy Broadhead. Through experimentation we have found that shooting the M-58 with our 5/16 shafts and a 160grain broadhead the arrow flies true and is very lethal. The Ace Standard broadhead was designed in the 30's and now almost 70 years later remains unequaled in flight characteristics and penetration. These broadheads have been tested by shooting them into concrete with absolutely no damage to the heads. Made In USA!

Ace Standard Broadheads are available in 125,145,and 160 grain. specify which weight in special instructions box. $25.95 (6-pack) | Enlarge | Order Now!

Ace Hex Blunts
In the past, these hollow point, carbon steel blunts have bagged many squirrels, rabbits and other small game. They are hard hitting and hard to lose in the grass or trees and are great for stump shooting! The good people at Ace Archery Tackle saw that these blunts would be perfect for the 1/4 and 5/16 arrows and responded to the need by adding these sizes to their line of fine products. We are happy to be able to offer them. Made In USA!

"Ace Hex Blunts 5/16 inch" diameter arrow offered in 125 grain. $9.95 (6-pack) | Enlarge | Order Now!

"Ace Hex Blunts 1/4 inch" diameter arrow offered in 75 grain. $7.95 (6-pack) | Enlarge | Order Now!


Youth Side Quiver
All leather belt quiver for the young archer and adult who wants to wear a quiver on the side for easy access of arrows. Leather texture and color may vary slightly between quivers. Shown in picture with 24 inch arrows. Belt not included. Works great for right or left handers. This is a real handy quiver for those "3-D" shoots. Made In USA!
$21.00 | Enlarge | Order Now!

Black Rhino Bow Mounted
3-Arrow Quiver

(Shown in picture mounted on a Black Rhino M-48 bow with 1/4 inch arrows in the quiver. Bow and arrows sold separately).

This great bow quiver fits the M-42, M-48, M-54 and the M-58 Black Rhino bows and can be used on right or left handed bows. The bow does not have to be unstrung to attach or remove the quiver. The quiver holds 3 arrows, and the hood design allows the use of broadheads. This is the most versatile quiver we have found, as it can be transferred from a youth bow to an adult longbow or recurve bow. Made In USA!
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The Youth Rolled Top Back Quiver

Made of genuine grain leather. This quiver has a tapered body design, easily adjustable shoulder strap, and is 18" deep. Accented with an antler button. The natural leather color may vary between quivers. Adjustable to left or right handed. Made In USA!
$45.95 each | Enlarge | Order Now!


The Adult Rolled Top Back Quiver

Made of genuine grain leather. This quiver has a tapered body design, easily adjustable shoulder strap, and is 18" deep. Accented with an antler button. The natural leather color may vary between quivers. Adjustable to left or right handed. Made In USA!
$89.95 each | Enlarge | Order Now!

Lil' John Youth Back Quiver
A quality leather youth back quiver. Approximately 17"deep (shown with 24" long arrows). Will hold a dozen practice arrows. This is a great quiver that any youth would be proud of. NaturalBrown tones may vary between quivers. This quiver is available for right handed archers only. Made In USA!
$59.95 | Enlarge | Order Now!

Lil' Slant Top Small Children's Back Quiver
The "Lil' Slant Top" is a quality, handmade leather back quiver for small tykes up to ages 5 or 6.  It will hold up to 12 arrows at 1/4" diameter, up to 24" long.  The quiver is 15" deep, and approximately 2-1/2" in diameter.. Made In USA!
$27.95 | Enlarge | Order Now!

Shooting Gloves

No Glove
Eliminates lost gloves and tabs. These soft rubber finger grips fit over the string allowing shooting without a glove or tab. This shooting aid is highly recommended for the youngster just starting in archery. Comes with directions for installation. Made In USA!

Price $5.00 | Enlarge | Order Now!

Price $6.00 - Installed. | Enlarge | Order Now!

Please specify when ordering.

Calf Hair Shooting Tab
Designed and sized for youth this tab has calf hair facing and suede leather backing. Order right or left-handed. Made In USA!


Right-handed -
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Left-handed -
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Neet Youth Leather Shooting Glove
This three finger leather youth glove has an elastic back insert and adjustable wristband for a comfortable fit. Designed for the young shooter and fits most five years and up. Can be used on right or left hand. Made In USA!
$9.00 | Enlarge | Order Now!

Damascus Glove
This original Damascus style glove is made of doeskin leather and has reinforced fingers. The glove has a full palm and an adjustable wristband. Fits both right and left-handed shooters. The soft leather used in this glove gives a good feel of the string.

"Youth Damascus Glove" The small glove fits most children 5 years and up. The medium size youth glove fits most teenagers and petite women (others should give consideration to one of the adult size gloves.) Specify youth small, youth medium. $14.95


Youth (small) - Enlarge | Order Now!

Youth (medium) - Enlarge | Order Now!

" Adult Damascus Glove" available in adult small, adult medium and adult large sizes. $15.95

Adult (small) - Enlarge | Order Now!

Adult (medium) - Enlarge | Order Now!

Adult (large) - Enlarge | Order Now!


U-FILL-It Target
This rugged UV resistant target is shipped to you flat, you simply stuff it with scrap plastic bags  or rags. Use your imagination to come up with other suitable materials that save money. This square bag has bull's eyes on both sides for long life. Stuffed dimensions are approximately 32"x34". Made In USA! $24.95 | Enlarge | Order Now!

Bullseye Paper Target
Heavy paper stock,25" x 25", four color bullseye target.
Official FITA 60 cm. Target.
Made In USA!Four for $8.00 | Enlarge | Order Now!




12 inch Styrofoam Aerial Target
This 12inch target is designed for aerial shooting, but can also be used as a stationary target. Aerial shooting is a good way for the more advanced archer to improve instinctive shooting ability. Flu-flu arrows should be used in conjunction with this target (see arrow section). Adult supervision is recommended! $12.00 each | Enlarge | Order Now! 


Youth Logo Arm Guard
This 3"x5" leather traditional arm guard has the recognizable Black Rhino logo tooled into the leather for a look of distinction. This hand-crafted armguard gives good protection and is designed for ease of attachment and removal with adjustable elastic cords and hook system. Made In USA!
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Deluxe Bone Arm Guard (Teenagers and Adults)
Solid one layer construction with stitched leather center and side trim accents. The 6 3/4 inches in length gives good arm protection. Adjustable stretch loops and 3 bone buttons hold the guard securely. This is a quality item anyone would be proud to use.  Leather color and style may vary slightly from the picture shown.  Made In USA!
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Medium Size Arm Guard (Youth/Ladies)
Same construction as our popular smaller logo arm guard. This larger size 5"x7" arm guard is perfect for the older youth or petite adult. Classy earth tone color leather arm guard gives great protection and is easily adjusted. Fits right or left. Made In USA! $15.00 each | Enlarge | Order Now!



Instinctive Shooting DVD / By G. Fred Asbel
This 50 minute DVD covers stance hand placement, shoulder position, drawing, anchoring and release. This DVD contains all the information you need to learn to successfully shoot a bow instinctively.
$29.95 each | EnlargeOrder Now!





Instructional DVD on Shooting Traditional Bows
Rick Welch, winner of over 40 state championships, demonstrates his shooting system and how to set up your bow. He also shows you the right way to practice. 20 minutes. $20.50 each | Enlarge | Order Now!







Beginners Guide to Traditional Archery by Brian Sorrells
This book is an invitation for you to pursue traditional archery as a sport. It contains the information to help you learn to shoot properly and safely from Start to finish. It includes information on shooting technique, archery terminology, equipment set up, bare shaft tuning and maintenance as well as traditional hunting. Paperback. 106 pages.
$12.95 each | Enlarge | Order Now!







Archery and Its Theory and Practice / By Horace A. Ford
Horace Ford is known as the greatest target archer of all times. This work is the foundation for virtually every subsequent book on archery methodology. Originally written in 1856 the shooting disciplines, techniques, and other insights into shooting a longbow still are practiced today. 128 page paperback. $15.95 each | Enlarge | Order Now!


The Traditional Bow Hunters Handbook / By T. J. Conrads
A book for both the novice and the experienced traditional archer. You will find information on bow tuning, arrow building, string making, and shooting the traditional bow. Well illustrated. 363 pages. Paperback.
$22.95 each | Enlarge | Order Now!




Misc. Items

Extra Flemish Bow Strings Made In USA!

M-35 - $7.00 | Enlarge | Order Now!

M-42 - $8.00 | Enlarge | Order Now!

M-48 - $9.00 | Enlarge | Order Now!

M-54 - $9.00 | Enlarge | Order Now!

M-58 - $10.00 | Enlarge | Order Now!


String Silencers
Made from real fur. These are classic. You cannot get much more traditional than this. Made In USA!
$6.00 | Enlarge | Order Now!

Price $8.00 - Installed. Enlarge | Order Now!




Bow Stringer
Youngsters should be taught the proper method of stringing and unstringing a bow. Bow stringing instructions are included. Stringers vary in cup style and cord color and may not be exactly as shown . These stringers will fit all Black Rhino bows. Made In USA!
$10.00 | Enlarge | Order Now!


Bohning Text-Tite String Wax
To maintain bow stings, they should be waxed with a premium bow string wax such as textite. Made In USA!
$4.00 each | Enlarge | Order Now!








Nocking Pliers
Nocking pliers with extra wide crimping surface, making it easy to remove and crimp brass nock set when tuning the bow.
$9.00 each | Enlarge | Order Now!





Aluminum Bow Square

 A necessary item when it comes to tuning the bow. (Gauge color may vary).
$10.00 each | Enlarge | Order Now!





String Keeper - OUT OF STOCK
This leather keeper with simulated bone buttons is designed to keep the string from sliding down the limb while the bow is in the unstrung position . A real sharp item. Made In USA!

$10.95 | Enlarge | Order Now!




Tip Protector
The bow tip on the bottom limb inadvertently takes a lot of abuse. Protect it with this easily installed slide on bow tip protector. Tip protector also holds the bottom sting loop in the groove when the bow is not strung. Made In USA!
$4.00 each | Enlarge | Order Now!


Black Rhino Bow Sock
A good investment for bow protection! This knit bow sock will prevent the bow from receiving unnecessary scratches and abrasions while being transported or stored. This quality sock is gray in color with black trim at the draw sting end. Each sock has the familiar Black Rhino logo. Comes in two sizes. Large fits the M-58 and M-48. The small fits the M-42 and M-35. Specify size Large/ Small Made In USA!
$10.00 | Enlarge | Order Now! (large)

$10.00 | Enlarge | Order Now! (small)

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Using a Black Rhino M-58 fourteen year old Bryce Halbert took "first place" in the boys Longbow competition at the Traditional Archery Nationals in Cloverdale, Ind.

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